Spurned Letterman Gives McCain a Drubbing  

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Waow-waoh - chicka-chicka-chicka  

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Not allowed to play at the Republican National Convention protests? They'll see about that...

Stats-Eye View  

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Worldmapper is a neat little tool that produces maps of the world where countries are shown in a scale proportionate to various statistics. What you see above, for instance, is the proportion of all "territory level decreases in carbon dioxide emissions between 1980 and 2000, that occurred there." That's why a few continents are missing.

Hat-tip to greenUPGRADER, who has a whole bunch of them in the post that links to.

How to Extract DNA from Anything  

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"Use meat tenderizer for enzymes. If you can't find tenderizer, try using pineapple juice or contact lens cleaning solution." My kind of science. And I find myself wondering... what does DNA taste like?