Bush's State of the Union Address  

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It has recently come to my attention that there are certain of you, dear readers of this esteemed web log, who have it in mind to defame me. And, whereas I find it the pinnacle of the basest flattery to do such (can anyone else see the oxymoron?), I fear I must discourage you from doing so.

While my suit is not yet sub judice, anything that may be said between now and when this action finally comes to court may unfairly prejudice my chances of ramming a big, fat legal cock up the collective arses of the Harland-Smith family.

To conclude, don't test my patience.

My Mistake  

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I may have overestimated how much free time I'll have.

Hiatus again. Sorry. There are a bunch of other people with rights to post in this blog, AND THEY'RE VERY BLOODY WELCOME TO DO SO. Even Tama, who'll probably just use it to invite people to defame him.

I'm Back. And the Universe is Large.  

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Apologies for the two weeks of silence. I've been busy getting into the swing of things being back at university. I am now studying postgrad philosophy (political philosophy and free-will research); tutoring first-year students on Freedom, Rights and Justice; continuing to embody pure awesome; and editing New Zealand's first poker magazine, the first issue of which comes out in April.

So, as you can imagine, I've been quite busy.

But not so busy that I can't find something fucking cool for you today.

Behold: the universe is fucking large.


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A brief silence while I deal with becoming a student again.